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Almirikia is a complex of rooms you will meet in Mourteri beach, just a few meters from the shore, Almirikia is the jewel of the famous beach Mourteri.

Almirikia consist of 20 apartments well organized and fully renovated with many amenities, secured places and a 24 hour service for you and your families.

The apartments have got their name from the tree that overruns the area, "the tree Almiriki" that is  the characteristic of the area and generally most of the Aegean coasts, an idea taken from our natural wealth that smells Aegean!

The surrounding landscape is bright green, Mediterranean and the endless beach unfolds before your legs will stimulate beautiful and youthful senses. There are traditional taverns where you can savour seafood delicacies and even cafes to enjoy summer drinks.

With head Almirikia you can be found directly on the beach of Kalamos, Korasida beach, the beach of Kimi, the beach of Agioi apostoloi, Stomio beach, the beach, Agiou Mercurius and many others. Looking for sand? Be sure that we have plenty!

Also from the beach Mourteri you can access  nearby villages and towns where you can go easily and quickly if you want to come across picturesque landscapes and eat seafood and fresh food at the taverns you'll find on your way. Some of these are: Petries, Avlonari (with the famous festival), Marmari, Stomio, Platana, Almyropotamos, Konistres, Styra, Kimi and many others.

From generation to generation every year  we strive to offer you  better accommodation, a family business that will cater for your family in the days to accommodate you.

We hope you have a wonderful time and an unforgettable experience near us!

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