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Evia is the second largest island and the sixth largest in the Mediterranean. The island is 3,654 square kilometres and extends along the north-eastern continental mainland Greece, from the gulf of Maliakos to  the coast of Rafina, separated from it by the Euboean sea. We would also like to suggest some places in Evia you should visit, which are relatively close and can be seen on a day trip.

Steni Dirfion

Steni is a famous winter resort. With visitors from all over Greece throughout the year is one of the most picturesque villages on Evia, located on the outskirts of Dirfis, the highest mountain of Evia, 30 kilometres from Chalkis and 30 kilometres from Kimi. In the centre of the village there is a paved square with many paths that reach up to the edge of the village covered by plane-trees and various parks. The square is picturesque with its little springs and the river which for several months of the year has running water. You will go there for its excellent food and rare beauty. Also, in front of the central fountain the popular market takes place where you can buy local products like tea, oregano, cheese, honey and handmade pasta.


 Karystos is built below Mount Ochi and inside a gulf and thus protected from the strong winds of the Aegean. You'll find great food, beautiful rugged beaches, large areas dressed with roses and lemon trees, many small villages and even nightlife. Designed according to the plan of the first king of Greece Otto, its street layout is unique.


 Almyropotamos has a beach with cafes and taverns. Both the beach and the seabed have sand and the same goes for the neighbouring beach of Agios Dimitrios. In  Agios Dimitrios you will find fishermen who often come from the sea full of fish if you want to take with you. If you continue, after Agios Dimitrios, you will reach another beach called Blue Lagoon. It is a very small beach with crystal clear waters and a beach bar.


The Municipality of Kimi is the greenest of Greece and has the cleanest beaches. There you can visit the house where lived the famous (Pap test) doctor - researcher George Papanicolaou , the Folklore Museum in Kimi, the Monastery of the Transfiguration and enjoy fresh fish and good coffee.

Every year in mid-May in Kimi there is a celebration of engineering with the established Ascent of Kimi, a car race which has been recorded in the public consciousness as one of the best and most well-organized spectacles of its kind.  The region offers a unique spectacle to the lovers of the kind. The speed contest takes place in the magnificent uphill road with the 52 bends, from the beach to the fringes of the town of Kimi, a path that alternates the Aegean Sea with the green of nature.



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