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We also recommend visiting the surrounding beaches like:

 Hiliadou beach

 It is situated on the foothills of Dirfi. This beach is in the north, so it is often exposed    to strong winds. It is equally good and rich in natural beauty near Mourteri and therefore easily accessible.

Kalamos beach

Kalamos has 2 beaches next to each other separated by an enormous rock and the people in the summer exploit them for endless swims. You will find good and affordable food and coffee. You will be tempted to play rackets or even beach volley as people prefer this beach to entertain so. When you arrive you will notice that it is a huge beach, not in length but in width with fantastic sand, perfect for such games. Moreover, you may be lucky to see small local tournaments conducted and have a great time.

 Korasida beach

 It is one of the most picturesque of Greece that combines mountain and sea as well as    beautiful turquoise waters.

 Porto Buffalo beach

 A seaside place, built in the cove sheltered bay south the Evian Gulf. The village is also known as Porto Buffalo. It is one of the most picturesque corners of southern Evia. Across the bay is the Buffalo isle. In the port of Porto Buffalo fishing and excursion boats anchor.

Near the village operates a shelter kennel-game «Ilanga». In a specially designed area wild animals are bred such as deer, wild boar, ostrich, etc.

 Zarakes beach

 It is a beautiful beach with a breakwater to enjoy swimming in a calm beach. The turquoise waters of the bay are in harmony with the rugged terrain. The sea because of the breakwater is almost always calm.

Kimi Beach

The beach in Kimi is in reality its harbour, where you can take the ferry boat to Skyros. It is also filled with restaurants that are famous for their good food, cafes and traditional taverns with ouzo. There isn’t an organized beach there, but you can swim at the nearby beaches.


 Armyrichi beach

It is consists of sand and small stones and is surrounded by rocks which protect it from the south and the north of the Aegean!

Stomio Beach

The beach Stomio Oxilithou is full of pebble in and out of the sea. A very clean beach with clear waters but there may often be a wave due to the fact that it is close to the Aegean. Along the beach (over the road) there are restaurants, cafes and rooms to let.

 Limnionas beach

 It is a fabulous beach overlooking the Aegean with beautiful waters and fine sand. Quiet but also attracts a lot of people especially in recent years.

 Agioi Apostoli beach

It is known by the name Petries which has taken from the village you will find on your way to the beach. It is one of the most popular beaches in Evia. It is a picturesque harbour with fishing boats, several cafes and taverns. Both in the shore and in the water there is clean sand.

Petali beach

 You will arrive there after a spectacular route.

 Almyropotamos beach

It is a beach full of cafes, restaurants and dozens of tourists during the summer months. People like so much the beach of  Almyropotamos that they stay there in tents and caravans for several days filling the surrounding shops. There is fine sand inside and outside the water. If you continue on the coastal road, you will reach another beach called Blue Lagoon because it looks exactly like that.

Blue Lagoon Beach

You really will not believe in your eyes when you get there as this small bay hides amazing things. You will park up and go down on foot, passing through a very meticulous tavern and then a cafe watching the blue waters of the bay all perfectly clear.

 Akti Nireas beach

It is a modern seaside built-up area in southern Evia, on the route-Amarynthos Aliveri. It is ideally built amphitheatrically around the coast. Around the beach of Akti Nireos there are several picturesque coves. Underneath you can just bathe in small creeks and eat a picturesque tavern nearby right on the beach.


 Aliveri – Karavos beach

The beach in Aliveri which is called Karavos is basically the port of Aliveri. The beach is quite scenic and is advisable for long walks as it is full of cafes and restaurants. However, if you want to swim there is a small beach to the right of the harbour with sand inside and out of the sea.

Stomio beach

It is a beautiful beach with fine pebbles inside and out, crystal clear waters, little high waves  because it meets the open Aegean!, with indescribable beauty surrounding landscape, the ideal beach to spend endless hours of relaxation.

Agios Mercurius beach

This beach is a natural continuation of the beach Mourteri and ends to the known rock called "Kefala" because of its appearance.It has also got crystal clear waters and fine sand.

Finally the beach of Agios Dimitrios

It is also called the gorge of Agios Dimitrios with the Byzantine church of the 11th century which is a real attraction. In particular in that beach  the movie "deep end" was filmed.


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