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Evia is known that is overwhelmed by attractions from ancient temples, churches, castles, monuments, archaeological sites, museums, tombs and more.  We recommend visiting some of them.

Castle of St George
The castle of St George dominates up the hill above the Monastery of the Transfiguration, next to Chili (small village). When you see it up close,it  will cause great awe and even until today its walls are preserved up to 4 feet tall.

The Tower at Avlonari
Next to the church of St. Nicholas  the tower of Avlonari was built in Frankish domination and used it to communicate with other towers in the area through a telegraph system. It is the most well-preserved tower of Evia and renovated in 1953.

Something else that can be visited is the Drakospita in Styra. They could be inhabited by dragons, and not from people, thereof the name. Located in prominent positions as observatories, dating several hundred years BC The strange thing in these buildings is that any kind of binder is used only the smart pyramidical placement of these large stones. So one of them is in Styria and you can find it by following the sign that says to Drakospita.

The “Acropolis”of  Dystos
It is located near Krieza in central Evia. It was built on an imposing hill in Kastri, Lake Dystos. The village is Dystos you meet on your way to Mourteri.

The lake Dystos
A wonderful wetland used by endemic and migrated birds up to the southern point of their arrival. Here you can admire a variety of waterfowl. To date there has been no attempt to rescue and conserve that beautiful wetland. Recently the hunting of birds that live there was banned.

Archaeological site of Dystos
The archaeological site of is situated to the hill of  Kastri , where you can see even today the ancient city wall, dating to the first half of the 4th century. B.C. It was built for the most part by large and well-worked blocks and width of up to two meters. It was reinforced by eleven towers, arranged at a circuit around the hill.

Folklore Museum of Kimi
The Folklore Museum of Kimi, is one of the best in Greece. You'll find textiles,embroidery, traditional dishes and local costumes of the 19th century, when Kimi was  in prosper. In the courtyard of the museum a theatre has been built where cultural events take place.

Kimi’s archaeological site
The archaeological site of Kimi is located three kilometers from the sea, on the hill Viglatouri. Here was uncovered a whole village of prehistoric and Geometric period with houses, temples, squares, streets and tombs.


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